Gleinalmtunnel Trailer 2018
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Gleinalmtunnel Drohnenflug
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SBT 3.1 Schwerlasttransportanlage Zeitraffer
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SBT 3.1 Schwerlasttransportanlage Animation
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SBT 3.1 Schächte Grautschenhof
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General refurbishment Kundmanngasse "Our new house"
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Kinkplatz school replacement-quarters 
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Parkapartments at Belvedere & Hotel
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ARGE Post am Rochus
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New building "Post am Rochus"

In this project, we are building the new headquarters of the Austrian "Post AG" as the general contructor. It includes the newuilding of an office- and shopping center with 3 basement floors.


...Topping-out ceremony 13.10.2016 ....time lapse
Shafts Nant de Drance
In the Swiss canton of Valais, the pumped storage power plant “Nant de Drance” was built in the border area to France. Centerpieces of the project are the 190m long and 52m wide cavern power house and two vertical pressure shafts with 8m excavation diameter and 430m drilling depth. To prepare the pressure shafts, first a pioneer shaft was constructed via raise boring. Subsequent the excavation was conventionally executed by drilling and blasting operations.

To extend five schools at five different locations at the same time, that was the challenge in the projekt PFERD2014.
General refurbishment Bosrucktunnel

The general refurbishmentn of the existing tunnel is getting increasingly important. In addition to the renovation of existing facilities, the focus is on an update of the security related installations and adaptation of buildings and structures to the current safety standards.
Steel and formwork T2E Pacific Highway upgrade

As part of the "T2E Pacific Highway Upgrade" project in Australia, we developed tunnel formwork systems for the 3-lane highway tunnel St. Helena.
The 2 tunnels with a width of about 19m and a height of about 12m are located in the highway expansion section between the cities “Tintenbar” and “Ewingsdale” in New South Wales.
Under the basic principle "Everything from one source" the formwork were planned, manufactured, delivered and assembled on site by us.
Steal an formwork
How is a tunnel lined with concrete? Have you asked yourself that? The answer lies in our department for steel and formwork.
Simply formulated, a cavity between the tunnel wall and the formwork is formed and this is filled with concrete. Thus, meter by meter, the tunnel is provided with a concrete skin. Does not seem to be so difficult, but in practice this requires a great deal of know-how.
ÖBB Headquarters

Directly opposite the station hall of the new Vienna Central Station, the future headquarters of the ÖBB arises. From the financing and planning to the turkney execution, we assume every task in this project in cooperation with our partners HABAU and BAI.
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Company History

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Tunneling and mining are the core competences of ÖSTU-STETTIN for over 100. Fascinating and complex is the work in the underground.
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Shaft and mining elevator

The deeper you go under ground, the higher the qualifications needed.
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