Reporting of grievances and violations Compliance with the rules and the protection of the company and our employees from inappropriate and illegal behavior is a top priority for ÖSTU-STETTIN.

The economic consequences resulting from the violations and the loss of reputation not only damage the company, but also endanger jobs. With your advice you are actively supporting us in the preventive prevention of future violations and misconduct.

You therefore have the opportunity to report grievances and misconduct from our employees (violations of laws or internal regulations), of which you become aware in the course of your professional activity, to the Compliance Officer by letter, email, telephone or in person or via the link below (also anonymously).

HABAU GROUP Whistleblower platform

Compliance Officer
Dipl.Ing. Mag. Klemens Einspieler
ÖSTU-STETTIN Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH
Münzenbergstraße 38 , 8700 Leoben
T +43 3842 42523 212

The protection of the whistleblower is of central importance for our company, so that the report is treated confidentially. This does not entail any reprisals or other negative consequences for the whistleblower.