success through competence

We currently employ 500 people worldwide and generate annual sales of almost 240 million euros.

We dig deep and always want to go higher, we build everything. And that with 100+ years of experience. Always innovative. And always with great emphasis on sustainability. We have achieved a lot so far and will continue to take on all challenges to reliably, actively and efficiently implement innovative construction projects nationally and internationally.


our mission statement

  • The endeavor to achieve comprehensive quality includes standard-compliant service provision and constant improvement. But it also includes the optimization of our earnings situation in order to secure the medium and long-term company.
  • Synergy effects through cooperation with suitable partners are useful.
  • Our endeavors are long-term and comprehensive satisfaction through problem solving and advice to our clients.
  • Creating trust in our clients: through the fulfillment of contractually agreed services, through reliability and personal behavior.
  • Promotion of quality awareness, motivation, personal responsibility and creativity of our employees through open information, communication, training and teamwork.
  • We prefer business partners, subcontractors and suppliers who meet our own requirements with the aim of providing quality and economic services.
  • Environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate policy. It is our responsibility and obligation to minimize negative impacts on the environment by optimizing and using all necessary technical and economic resources as well as taking into account all legal framework conditions.
  • Safety and health are important to us. With the standard of effective safety and health management, we make a sustainable contribution to avoiding injuries and illnesses in compliance with applicable legal obligations and to maintaining the ability of our employees to work.