power plant construction

Sustainable and clean energy despite constantly increasing energy consumption is the order of the day. Fortunately, in Austria we are blessed with the extensive availability of hydropower - and we are building river and hydropower plants with sustainable know-how, thereby contributing to global climate neutrality.


reference projects

11. October 2021

PSKW Nant de Drance BL 301 – vertical pressure shafts

11. October 2021

Stanzertal hydropower plant (WKWS)

8. September 2021

Efficiency enhancement plant Reißeck II plus

7. September 2021

Joint Power Plant Inn (GKI)

6. September 2021

Obervermuntwerk II

6. September 2021

Power Station Obervellach II

23. July 2021


1. June 2021

Pumped-storaged hydro power plant ReisseckII