modular construction

With the innovative and unique modular design, we also implement large projects in record time using individual, prefabricated, precisely fitting core elements made of steel or wood that are assembled into buildings directly on the construction site. The precisely calculable time and process plans hardly cause any negative construction site flows on local residents and the environment. Modular construction is ideal for serial concepts such as schools, hospitals, additions, etc.


reference projects

4. September 2021

New building of primary school Sonnleithnergasse

28. August 2021

KIGA 2020 – New building of a nursery

15. August 2021

Schoolexpansions PFERD 2019

14. August 2021

Stop Shops Austria

10. August 2021

Increase lector room pavilion FH Campus Vienna

5. August 2021

General constractor works for two secondary schools Kinkplatz

2. August 2021

Schoolexpansions PFERD 2018

28. July 2021

Schoolexpansions PFERD 2017B2

27. July 2021

Schoolexpansions PFERD 2017

13. July 2021

University of applied science campus Vienna – classroom-pavillion

11. July 2021

Schoolexpansions PFERD 2016C

10. July 2021

Schoolexpansions PFERD 2016A

9. July 2021


5. July 2021

Schoolexpansions PFERD 2014