tunnel renovation

Safety and constant new and innovative knowledge in tunnel construction are always an issue, even with the safest tunnels. We not only renovate tunnels around the world, but also bring them up to date with the latest technology in accordance with the latest safety requirements.


reference projects

21. June 2023

A10 TUF Ofenauer/Hiefler & TG Werfen, General renovation Construction and electromechanical and safety equipment – Construction lot 02 Main Construction Works

15. March 2023

A09 Pyhrn motorway Inzersdorf – Schön refurbishment of road & tunnels incl. E&M – construction works

22. February 2022

Renewal of the ÖBB – Bosrucktunnel – refurbishment of the inner lining

3. December 2021

D18 Sykkelvei Kronstadtunnelen

2. December 2021

A09 Pyhrn motorway St. Pankraz – Windischgarsten, refurbishment of road, bridges and tunnels incl. E&M

14. September 2021

Refurbishment A10 Reittunnel

13. September 2021

Refurbishment pipeline gallery Hahnenkamm

27. August 2021

A2 south motorway Kalcherkogel-, Mitterberg- and Herzogbergtunnel, A9 Pyhrn motorway Schwartnerkogeltunnel, STSG construction and E&M works

26. August 2021

A2 refurbishment UFT Bettlerkreuz and Kreuzergegend

25. August 2021

Refurbishment Inzersdorf-Schön

24. August 2021

General maintenance tunnel Dürnstein

21. August 2021

Safety-related retrofitting and refurbishment of the Altstadtring tunnel (inner ring road) Munich

13. August 2021

A12 Inntal motorway refurbishment tunnel Mils

3. August 2021

S16 Dalaaser Tunnel, Adaption & refurbishment

29. July 2021

A14 Rheintal/ Walgau Highway, Crosscut Ambergtunnel

25. July 2021

A9 Part refurbishment Tunnel Wald and Pretallerkogentunnel

21. June 2021

Refurbishment of the Bosruck Tunnel