tunnel and gallery construction

Every mountain is unique like a fingerprint. With our tunnels and tunnels, we ensure safe traffic routes in an increasingly rapid era, connect people and help to supply them with energy. And all this thousands of meters through the middle of the mountain. High-speed trains travel through our tunnels around the world, vacationers travel south and millions of commuters drive to work every day. ÖSTU-STETTIN builds the lifelines of the modern world.


reference projects

15. March 2023

Bypass Weyer

8. March 2023

Shell gallery Angath – Section T4.2

17. February 2022

Securing Innsbruck’s drinking water supply Mühlauer Quelle

3. December 2021

D18 Sykkelvei Kronstadtunnelen

12. September 2021

Extension rescue staircases tunnel Gernsbach – New cross-passages

8. September 2021

Efficiency enhancement plant Reißeck II plus

7. September 2021

Drammen Tunnel UDK-01 – Lining works

6. September 2021

Power Station Obervellach II

4. September 2021

Drammen Tunnel UDK-02 – Soil Tunnel

27. August 2021

Arlinger Tunnel

22. August 2021

Inneryard Basiy new – Mediatunnel

18. August 2021

Newbuilding-route Wendlingen-Ulm, PA 2.2 Albaufstieg

17. August 2021

Stuttgart 21

29. June 2021

Rescue tunnel Meisterntunnel

23. June 2021

Gleinalmtunnel Completion of the second tube